• Steroids are generally classified by the average man as a drug that helps in building stronger body and for enhancing its endurance. Steroids are associated with body builders and other people who strive for building muscular body in less time. However, there is nothing wrong with people who associate steroids with these people, because, most of the time this is the true.

    Steroids – commonly referred as roids, are produced from male testosterone. They are used by bodybuilders to up their game when they are competing in professional events.

    Generally there are three common types of steroids or roids: cortisones (an anti-inflammatory drug), estrogen (dominant female hormones) and androgens (dominant male hormones). Testosterone is present in abundance in the men’s body. However, the quantity of testosterone differs from person to person. Some men have high levels of testosterones while others have low level of testosterone in their body. The level of testosterone in the body has its effects on the performance of the body. Body fat, muscle mass, strength, ability to recover from damages and other things are related with it. High level of testosterone is beneficial for athletes. The presence of this hormone in men makes them stronger as compared to women.

    Steroids are mainly used for pain relieving and treating various diseases like cancer, arthritis and others. People suffering from arthritis undergo severe joint pains and a steroid when injected in the muscles relieves them of this pain for some length of time. Thus, the patient gets instant relief and in the mean time, they can follow the regular medicinal treatment, which cures their disease completely. Thus, steroids are used for relieving pain on temporary basis. Other forms of body pains, which can be relieved with steroids include neck and shoulder pain, which is observed mainly in the people who do lot of sitting work in their offices. Body mass is developed as a result of the development of protein.

    People generally think that only body builders and athletes should use steroids to increase their performance, which is untrue. They can be used by anyone who is in need of another source of energy to relieve the pain or increase the performance of the body.

    How to use steroids:

    The most common way of using steroids is by the way of injections that are directly given in the muscles. However, some people even use pills for the cause. While injecting steroids with the help of injections, it is of extreme importance that the needle should reach the muscles and should not hit the blood vessels underneath the skin. If the needle is injected in the blood vessels, some blood is sucked into the syringe and hence the needle should be immediately pulled back. This is a precaution, which should always be followed when administering steroids through a needle. Moreover, fresh needles of recommended size should be used and if same needles are to be used again, they should be sterilized and disinfected every time. This is essential to save the patient from the risk of any health hazards. The dose of steroids also varies with intended results and the user. High doses are recommended for body builders and athlete but within a set schedule after which the user has to stay off from the steroids intake. This period is usually about 2 to 4 weeks. Steroids are directly injected at the site of pain. When steroids reach the muscles of the affected area, the patient gets immediate pain relief.   

    Steroids may not suit everybody and this is why it is recommended that you should seek the guidance of a doctor before using them. The doctor will determine after checking the present condition of your body how much does is best suited for you. People who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes should refrain from the use of steroids as they can raise the blood pressure even higher, which can be fatal for the person.

    There are some side effects of using steroids but they are only pronounced with continuous and prolonged usage. If steroids are taken in limited quantities and under the supervision of a qualified doctor, they can prove beneficial for health of the person. Some research is recommended before you start taking steroids.  


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